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Volkswagen Bus Camper Van Performance Portfolio 1954-1967

Volkswagen Bus Camper Van Performance Portfolio 1954-1967
Czas dostawy: 7 - 14 dni

Wydawnictwo: Brooklands Books
Oprawa: miękka
ISBN: 9781855206205
Numer katalogowy: 781531

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Opis książki

The People's Van was perhaps a logical extension of the People's Car philosophy for Volkswagen, but the inspiration for its design came from a Dutchman, Ben Pon. As well as being the first dealer to receive export Beetles, Pon sketched a design for the VW Van as early at 1947, inspired by the flatbed transport vehicles used in the Wolfsburg Factory. These had been designed by Major Ivan Hirst of the Military Government, whose task it was to re-start car production following the war-time devastation. The idea was not immediately taken up, but after the initial problems of Beetle production were overcome, a prototype Van was produced in 1949, and production of the bus, Kombi and Panel Van began in 1950. The vehicle (known officially as the Type 2) created an entirely new market and as a reliable and versatile workhorse, carved out a place for itself in Germany and beyond. Official variations of the original design began in the early 1950's with the Ambulance, Fire-tender and Pick-up truck, as well as Camper conversions produced by firms such as Westfalia and Dormobile. Unlike the Beetle, the Type 2 came in almost any shape a buyer wanted, but even so, unofficial variations were countless! To keep up with the demand an entirely new factory was opened in Hannover in 1956. The millionth Type 2 was produced in 1962, and by the end of its production in 1967, nearly 2 million had been built. Affectionately known as Bulli in Germany, the early Type 2 was updated regularly and indeed used as a test bed for modifications later applied to other VW vehicles. For most of its life it was the top selling commercial vehicle in its class in Germany, and now nearly 40 years later its third generation cousin continues the box on wheels design. The Bulli is fast becoming collectable, with knowledgeable owners exchanging talk of Barndoors and Safari Windows. Clubs for enthusiasts include the Split-Screen Van Club in the U.K. and the Society of Transporter Owners in the U.S.A. Members of both Clubs are, I am sure, not the only ones to appreciate the merits of Ben Pon's inspiration. This is a book of contemporary road & comparison tests, touring & variations. 136 pages. 350 illus including 15 pages of colour. SB.